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SF6 Recycling: Guaranteed SF6 Recycling Program:

Sometimes SF6 cylinders are ready to be completely retired.  Government regulations make this a prohibitive activity for organizations that are not staffed or equipped to manage the process.

Cylinder Disposal Program

Concorde Specialty Gas offers a convenient and cost-effective program that helps utilities and other clients responsibly recycle their SF6 gas cylinders. Regardless of their condition, CSG can handle the safe and compliant removal, transport, and disposal of cylinder contents in a sustainable manner.  Our comprehensive recycling program manages the assessment of collected cylinders as well as their disposal. Concorde will determine if there is any residual product left in the cylinders, and all content will be reported back to the client for their Environmental reporting.

Planning for the disposal or recycling of both gas and container must be included in any end of life program.


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Cylinder Disposal Risks.

Because they cannot be discarded directly in landfills; cylinders must be handled by trained specialists to assure that the remaining gas is removed properly and that the canister itself is scrapped or recycled. Proper recycling and disposal methods ensure that the environment is not negatively impacted and reduces risk and liability for our customer. 


Concorde Specialty Gases SF6 Recycling: Guaranteed SF6 Recycling Program