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SF6 Recycling: Guaranteed SF6 Recycling Program

Concorde’s flexibility allows you to more easily manage your cylinder and gas inventory.

Concorde will pick up your used gas cylinders

Concorde Specialty Gases is the leading global supplier of Sulfur Hexafluoride gas (SF6 gas) as well as other rare and specialty gases for industrial, commercial, educational and consumer applications.  We are a single source provider for pick up, transport, evacuation, re-servicing and refilling of gas cylinders.

As a conscientious member of the global community, we are committed to working with our clients to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our process is designed prevent the loss of SF6 at all stages of operation.

Our exchange process begins when we salvage any remaining gas in the cylinder, and then cleanse and remove any contaminants.  Next, we quality test the cylinders to assure they are up to DOT/TC certified high-pressure standards and perform a free visual safety inspection.  Finally, Concorde can refill the cylinders with new compressed gas to be returned to you.

Long term demurrage programs are  available at a reasonable cost. This eliminates any down time between cylinder refills.

With the proper care and maintenance, SF6 gas cylinders can last for decades.

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SF6 Gas Quality, Transparency, and Security.

In order to provide our clients with transparency and security, every one of our cylinders is tracked in our SF6 Gas Management System – ConcordeTrak.

 At the same time, you can be certain that cylinders and their contents meet the requirements of all relevant regulations and guidance.  In the end, we offer the most efficient way for you to manage cylinder stocks and while staying fully compliant.

 Beyond our exchange program, we offer comprehensive and cost-effective integrated cylinder recycling programs that help utilities and other clients responsibly recycle their SF6 and other gas containers and cylinders. Regardless of their condition, CSG can handle the safe and compliant removal, transport, cleaning, disposal of cylinder contents and the cylinder itself, all in a sustainable manner.



Concorde Specialty Gases SF6 Recycling: Guaranteed SF6 Recycling Program