In the occurrence of arc discharges, spark discharges and corona discharges, SF6 can react with very little water, air, electrode and solid insulated material.  Producing a byproduct include carbon tetrafluoride (CF4), thionyl sulfide (SOF2), sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2), along with solid byproduct including aluminum fluoride, tungsten fluoride.

Faulted SF6 gas is toxic with a pungent, irritating smell of rotten eggs.  The direct “sniffing” of SF6 byproducts can be hazardous to the skin and respiratory system.  Sulfur dioxide affects human health when it is breathed in (irritates the nose, throat, and airways).

Prompt removal is essential since the powered arc byproducts can readily absorb moisture, become corrosive, sticky, and difficult to remove.

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