West Coast Expansion

Concorde Specialty Gases is growing and stretching across the country into untapped markets.  With our stronghold on the East Coast, a market that Concorde has strived to obtain a robust foothold on is the west coast. With our focus shifting to growth in the southwest, we are concentrating on a very critical reason to launch a Concorde Hub. Without a hub in the southwest region of the US to supply and help with product recovery, we have been forced to address our inability to be competitive with local and current suppliers.

In order to grow, we can no longer launch from such a distance, and we need to be present and available as a local supplier. We saw great success in October of 2020 when we established our second satellite location in Pearl, MS. Our new Las Vegas location is strategically located between some of the largest utilities in the country, Pacific Gas and Electric, Arizona Public Service, and Southern California Edison. Our ability to be the local supplier as well as provide all services Concorde has to offer will prove to be to a huge success. Concorde is now the local supplier with flexibility, reliability and the capability to meet the competitive nature of the market.

In this climate, where cost effectiveness is a crucial and conscious choices for all companies, we need to expand so we can be the most efficient in the S6F market. Concordes growth westward has proven to be the right choice as we have continually met the needs of all utility companies across the country. Let’s look forward and be the company that can do it all, without limitations like distance, time and manpower, we can be the very best solution for all of your SF6 management in the southwest.