Why Source U.S. SF6 Gas?

Right now, global energy costs are soaring! In addition to fuel surcharges, the price of overseas transportation is compounded by an increased demand for ocean freight. It’s leaving containers in short supply. As a result, supply chains are experiencing significant inflation and critical limitations of goods. Now is the time to consider partnering with a domestic supplier of SF6 gas.

1. Cost of Imported SF6 Gas

Further disrupting the supply of SF6, and the metal containers that store it, is a 25% tariff which has been placed on Chinese materials. If you rely on imported SF6, you may want to explore alternative solutions, such as recycled U.S. SF6 gas. A domestic partnership can help you mitigate high costs and supply chain risks.

2. Value of Recycled U.S. SF6 Gas

Concorde Specialty Gases is the U.S. Supplier of Recycled SF6 Gas. Whether you’re looking for solutions to critical supply chain interruptions or want to better understand the environmental impact of reuse, there is tremendous value in buying greener products as well as diversifying your sourcing strategy for SF6 gas.


Reduce SF6 costs and eliminate carbon emissions by contacting our team today: info@concordegas.com 



concorde specialty chemicals is a partner for u.s. recycled sf6 gas