Today, our team is grateful for the occasion to wish every person in our community a Happy Earth Day! More than two decades ago, Concorde Specialty Gases began building a legacy of environmental responsibility, and today, we are reaffirming our mission, vision, and values to the people and planet we serve.

Celebrating & Sustaining Earth for Over 25 Years

Our Mission:

As a 25-year trusted partner to the electric utility sector, we collaborate to power greater resources, thriving teams and environmental stewardship, exceeding service expectations to deliver the highest quality SF6 gas and fulfill ongoing and on-demand client needs.

Our Service:

With numerous investments, including zero emissions cryogenic distillation system, Concorde-trained Service Technicians and our Concorde Trak SF6 Management software, our business operations are designed to reduce the Global Carbon Footprint, and we are proud to be the largest supplier of SF6 Total Solutions in North America for all purity levels of both virgin and recycled products.

Our Values:


Honesty is central to our value set. We believe in doing the right thing- always. We are a business, but we hold ourselves accountable as humans first. You can count on us for safe operations and transparent communications. We will always care for people and our surroundings.


Environmental responsibility is cemented to our business strategy. Resource efficiency is apparent in all of our practices from production to our recycling and training programs. We are continually driven to innovate in ways that benefit the wellbeing of people and our planet.


From our production processes to our service and commitments to society and our planet, our standards for excellence are atmospheric. We are passionate about creating real solutions to overcome environmental challenges. Through meaningful collaborations within public, private and nonprofit sectors, we grow resources and expertise to make a positive impact and strengthen our communities for a better tomorrow.

Our Vision:

As a partner to electric utility companies, we share a legacy of environmental responsibility, and together, we can illuminate solutions to sustain a brighter future for generations to come.


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